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Equipment Exchange

Welcome To The St. Louis Park Equiptment Exchange

If you are looking to Buy, Sell or Trade… Check with the team first!

Illegal Stick Alert

Six stick heads are categorized as NCAA-Only and do not meet NFHS guidelines for a legal stick head. These heads are illegal for use in all MBSLA games:


  • Brine Voyce X6
  • Brine Cyber Pro X6
  • Warrior Evo Pro X6
  • Warrior Revo Pro X6
  • STX Professor
  • Gait Showtime








Have An Item You Want To Sell?

Please send an E-mail with the description to

Recommended Equipment

Item Color Price Range
Helmet Black with Orange Trim $80 - $250
Mouth Gaurd Black $2 - $25
Shoulder Pad NA $30 - $120
Arm Pads Black $20 - $100
Gloves Black or Orange $35 - $210
Cleats Balck or Orange $20 - $150
Stick Any Color is Fine $30 - $400
Athletic Supporter DON'T LEAVE HOME WITHOUT IT!! Priceless