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Schedule for the week of August 1

There will only be one last clinic on Tuesday, August 2nd. The end of season cookout has been moved to this day.  

The cookout is to celebrate the end of the season. High School players are welcome to come and help coach the clinic. 

US Lacrosse Age & Eligibility Guidelines

Age bracket eligibility valid now thru 8/31/16:
U9  9-1-06 - 8-31-08
U11 9-1-04 - 8-31-06
U13 9-1-02 - 8-31-04
U15 9-1-00 - 8-31-02


There is a waiver available for playing down one division, however, it needs to be strongly justified.

Playing up is allowed up to one year younger than the cut-off date. In this case, an acknowledgement of the increased risks and USL's official discouragement of this practice needs to be signed by the association, coaches and parents of the player.



Lets Turn Trash in SLP LAX CASH!!

St. Louis Park Lacrosse has partnered with Express Metals to create an on going fundraiser for Oriole Nation.  


Look around your house and any old metal can be turned into Express Metals for a cash donation to SLP Lax.  

For a list of what they accept please check out

If you have any questions or have some interest in serving on the board please contact:

Joan Monicatti